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A North African Ostrich is a very unique looking bird. It is a tall, slender animal with a distinctive bright blue head and neck.

The North African Ostrich can grow up to six feet tall and weigh as much as 140 pounds. Its feathers are black, with white wing tips that look like they've been dipped in paint. The ostrich has long legs that help it run swiftly away from predators who might want to eat it for dinner! It also has two long bones called "filaments" growing from the top of its head near its eyes which give this animal an extra weird appearance. For example, when it needs water, the ostrich will bend down so that his beak touches the ground and quickly slurps up a mouthful of water so it can fill its throat with it.

The North African Ostrich is usually found in grasslands and savannas that are dry with trees here and there. It is very rare for this bird to be found in forests or jungles like many other types of ostrich. The North African Ostrich lives either alone, in small groups, or large flocks. They sometimes even live around people! A male ostrich will pick a place to call his own territory where he will build a nest every year! If another male tries to trespass on his land, the male ostrich shows him how big he is by kicking dirt up in the "intruder's" face before chasing him out of the area! The female lays its eggs in the male's nest and leaves him to make sure they will hatch. The mother ostrich only comes back once every five or six days for a short time to feed her babies while she is still on the other side of his territory.

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Despite once occupying much of the Saharan region, they are now represented by just two or three remnant populations.

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North African ostriches in captivity are mostly breeding populations in European and Middle Eastern zoos.

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The North African ostrich is the closest relative to the extinct Arabian ostrich from Western Asia.

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