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A drone shot of a tropical forestA drone shot of a tropical forest

We are here to:

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Fuel Passion

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a novice with a strong sense of wanderlust, we can help unearth the secrets of our planet and ignite the spark you need to start planning your next adventure

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Provide Guidance

We offer in depth information on destinations across the planet, pairing them with well-planned itineraries from niche travel companies who specialise in curated trips. The outcome? A practical way to kick start your next adventure 

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Build a community

Through Tribe, Geeky Planet aims to build a global community of explorers and travel enthusiasts with local knowledge, sharing content that motivates and encourages others to accomplish their travel dreams

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Become one of the Tribe: A new travel community

Tribe will allow you to:

Create your own personal account to share your tips, trips and travel plans with other users

Connect with other Geeky Planet users, finding inspiration for future adventures and maybe even planning trips together

Showcase your stories and photographs and inspire other explorers to experience the world

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Discover Earth's Biomes

Across the planet, habitats ranging from lush green rainforests to crisp Alpine vistas fit together to form a gigantic patchwork of extreme temperatures, climates and experiences. 

As a traveller who wants to venture beyond the guidebooks, these biomes are likely to be what sparks your initial interest in a destination. A desire to snorkel along teeming ocean reefs, visit hidden desert communities, or reach dizzying heights in the mountains, can all be jumping off points for an adventure. 

By exploring biomes first, you can tailor a trip around the landscapes that you want to immerse yourself in. That’s why Geeky Planet lets the planet’s coasts, savannas and forests do the talking. After all, they speak for themselves better than we ever could.

Find an area of Natural Beauty

An area of natural beauty....

Find an area of Natural Beauty

Areas of natural beauty are found across the planet, at every altitude and in every geographic region - from sweeping coasts to looming mountain peaks to awe-inspiring canyons. Distinctive character and geography sets these spots apart, offering tantalising opportunities for travellers to explore destinations vastly different from anything they might have seen before.