Who we are

Geeky Planet is an exploration of the dynamism of planet Earth: its majestic landscapes, its elusive wildlife, its exotic flora, and its fascinating cultures. We aim to inspire a responsible, life-long connection with our planet.

Who we are

What we're about

We reveal the planet, showcasing its natural wonders, capturing its geekyfacts, and exploring its local nuances - not only to educate our readers, but also to spark a fire of adventure in them.

We are here to build a community of travellers and planet-focused geeks, who are passionate about Earth and want to be part of changing the way we interact with our planet for the better.

There is so much to uncover on our one planet, and we are here to give you an extra hand in exploring it.

What we do

Inspiring content

Inspiring content 

Our well-researched articles explore our planet in a straightforward but compelling way, via countries, biomes, animals and plants. Start your journey here.

Connect with travellers

Geeky Contributors

Travellers who want to share their experiences, tips and itineraries, and learn from and connect with others, can sign up to join our Tribe via the Community page. 

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Travel itineraries

Planned tours displayed on the site allow you to explore off-beat destinations and immersive experiences across the world. All itineraries are provided by our trusted travel partners. 

Plant preservation

Planet Preservation

We promote travel that prioritises sustainability, encourages the conservation of the world’s ecosystems, and instils an eco-conscious mentality in our travellers.

Our mission statement

We inspire those who are curious and passionate about the planet to realise their travel aspirations through on the ground knowledge and unique, life-affirming experiences.

Our vision

To inspire travellers to become socially and environmentally conscious explorers of our planet.

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Our values


We are here to help travellers explore the planet’s most fascinating places, always with an ethical, outdoor focus 


We provide information that guides travellers’ decisions on where their next adventure should be


We equip our readers with relevant information that gives them the knowledge to take the leap towards their next adventure 


We feed curiosity and encourage travellers to have farflung experiences in destinations that they’ll remember for a lifetime


Our planet is limitless, and there are infinite experiences yet to be explored. We are dedicated to sharing them