Our story

Simon & David met in 2011 when David joined a company Simon founded, which sold in 2019, since that time they have become good friends and share a passion for the outdoors.

Who we are

Simon - Geeky Traveller

Meet Simon, an intrepid explorer whose adventures over 20 years span North & South Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe, traversing diverse landscapes, mountains, desert, rain forest, coastlines and sailing the world's oceans.

David - Geeky Tech

Meet David, a seasoned professional with a passion for technology and the outdoors. With over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, David has worked for a number of tech startups, honing his skills and expertise in various roles

How it began

In 2022, David and Simon reunited to join forces once again. With Simon’s spirit for adventure and the wild, and David's success in supporting tech startups the duo has forged a partnership aimed at sharing Simon's rich experiences.

However, their collaboration has evolved beyond expectations, culminating in the creation of a platform designed to allow travelers to find new ways to explore this planet and its natural wonders and share their experiences.

Forest Biome - Trees from above

How it’s going

Since then Geeky Planet has gone from a travel blog idea for Simon, to inspiring thousands of travelers around the world.

With over 300 areas of natural beauty waiting to be explored across more than 180 countries, the possibilities for adventure are endless.

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to giving back to our community and the planet. That's why we've pledged to donate 5% of our turnover to support environmental and community initiatives.

Gratitude & Appreciation

Rolfe Oostra, heartfelt gratitude goes out to you my friend for our countless expeditions over the past 15 years. We extend our sincerest appreciation to Bhakti Moore, Tom Baker, Jessiel Vasquez, Domenica Dufflart, Wissame Mekhilef, Valeria Villa, and Lucy Miller for their invaluable contributions in bringing this website to life.